The Cypro software offers a comprehensive approach to complete accompaniment of cytostatic treatment and preparation. The ability to combine patient records and configurable treatment formats with the possibility of calculating dosages and recording clinical parameters significantly reduces the workload on healthcare providers in oncology.

 Further information
Cypro Medical GmbH has marketed and programmed the Cypro software for the preparation of cytotoxics. Cypro was the first gravimetric preparation software to be used in pharmacy practice. Traditional volumetric and partial volumetric preparation are supported as well. Cypro is used in hospital and public pharmacies, enabling physicians and pharmacists to work in conjunction.

The Cypro cytotoxics preparation software, however, is supporting oncology pharmacists and physicians in their clinical work, providing them with documentation and control mechanisms throughout the course of treatment.

Cypro, therefore, offers both computer-assisted gravimetric preparation and a module devoted to the patient and the treatment. The recording of detailed patient data and clinical data relevant to the treatment together with full documentation of the cytotoxic preparation enables control and documentation throughout a patient’s course of treatment.

Using the practice-proven modules of the Cypro software, the pharmacy can become the communication centre for oncology treatment.

Cypro is a networkable software with a central SQL database which allows direct access to patient data and prescriptions both by the pharmacy and by the prescribing health care professional, thus supporting interdisciplinary collaboration and enabling the therapeutic team to access all treatment-related data at any time.

In addition to recording preparation data for case histories the oncology pharmacist is in a position to exchange all information with the clinical departments.

By linking all aspects of the treatment in this new way, the interdisciplinary oncology team can work together to maximise the quality and safety of the cytostatic treatment regimen. The Cypro software supports modern team-working and thus serves both the providers and the recipients of treatment.

By enabling individual characteristics to be investigated (maximum configurability), Cypro acts as an extension to the oncology team.